Container specifications

City Kyiv
Count pallets 32
Country Ukraine
Type 45HR
Cargo capacity 80,9
External dimensions
Height 2895
Length 13716
Width 2556
Inner dimensions
Height 2585
Length 13113
Width 2438
Height 2478
Width 2286
Max Brutto 34800
Max Load 28020
Tara 6020-6120
Condition USED (2 Category)

Product description

Features of our 45 ft high cube containers (2.9m):

- 83 cubic meters of internal volume. This is 25% larger than a 40 ft high cube container (2.9m)

- Pallet Wide (internal width 2.44m, accommodates 32 Euro pallets)

- 30% less power consumption compared to reciprocating compressor containers

- Operating temperature from -35 to +30 degrees

- Full Presale by REFMASTER ™

- Free consultations of our specialists

- A guarantee for 6 or 12 months from our company is possible

The 45 high cube refrigerated container is a capacious container with a length of 13.7, a width of 2.55 and a height of 2.9 meters, a key feature of which is modern equipment designed to adjust the temperature inside.

A 45-foot refrigerated container is the perfect solution to storing food items that require a low temperature. This container is hermetically sealed. Therefore, the ambient temperature cannot in any way affect the temperature inside.

Refrigerated container 45 is produced using special technologies and using high quality materials. Due to this, it is characterized by a long service life and a high level of reliability.

Our company is pleased to offer you high-quality refrigerated refrigerated containers that can be delivered anywhere in the country. We are also ready to undertake full container service even after the warranty period.

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