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Container specifications

City Odessa
Count pallets 10
Country Ukraine
Type 10RF
Cargo capacity 28
External dimensions
Height 2591
Length 3258
Width 2438
Inner dimensions
Height 2350
Length 2887
Width 2359
Height 2260
Width 2237
Max Brutto 12000
Max Load 10750
Tara 3050
Condition USED (2 Category)

Product description

10RF Reefer containers 10ft

A refrigerated container is a special container equipped with a refrigeration unit. It is used for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. Reefer containers are used for sea transportation of goods, for transportation by road and rail, for storage of goods in a warehouse. Typically, the body of such products is made of aluminum and polyurethane foam filler.

Specifications of 10 RF 10 Feet Refrigerated Container

This refrigerated container belongs to the 10RF type. It is a robust, roomy and mobile 10 'container. Its carrying capacity is 28 tons. The reefer container has an excellent capacity. It can hold 10 Euro pallets with dimensions of 1200x800 mm. The dimensions are as follows: 2591 cm high, 3258 cm long and 2438 cm wide.

Features and Applications of the 10 RF 10ft Refrigerated Container

The reefer container of this model provides the required temperature and humidity for specific products. High quality and characteristics of this container, strength, resistance to adverse weather conditions make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of goods that require a special temperature for their transportation.

You can buy a 10 RF 10 feet reefer container at a reasonable price from the Container-Trade company. You can place an order. We carry out fast delivery across Ukraine and the world.

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10RF Refrigerated containers 10ft
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