Evaporation Coil (Evaporator) Thermo King Magnum used
Spare parts for containers
Thermo King Magnum Copeland Scroll Compressor zmd18kve-tfd-277 used
Spare parts for containers
Refrigerator unit Thermo King Magnum
Spare parts for containers
Refrigerator unit Thermo King Magnum
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To provide safety and safety of load that must be transported, use dry-cargo ship, refrigerator, offshore and specialized containers, an application of that domain broadens regularly. A dry-cargo ship exploit for transporting of goods and objects, delivery of difficult loads and another aims. 

Repair parts for the marine containers

In the process of exploitation under influence of negative factors of environment, and also suffered errors during loading or unloading, mechanical influence, any type of container (Open Top, Pallet Wide, universal etc) needs realization of repair works or reconstruction. If a construction is damaged, then will unchanging be spoiled the load transported in her. 

To shut out superfluous charges and timely track will help to avoid problems after the technical state of containers, replacement of their threadbare elements if necessary. 

In acquisition of container included:

  • elements of framework;
  • bottom;
  • door constructions;
  • loops on a door;
  • grates for ventilation;
  • panels of roof;
  • fitting;
  • plug-forming mechanisms;
  • rubber sealant.

A necessity for repair parts can arise up not only on the stage of making of containers, and on the stage of maintenance at the natural wear of good, and also during modernisation or re-equipment. Quality repair parts are a guarantee of the protracted period of exploitation of large-scale containers and safety of the transported load. 

Due to the presence of a complete set of awaiting-parts and bearing elements of construction it will be possible in time to conduct repair, and also to engage in maintenance, renewal or re-equipment of large-scale container in short spaces. It will allow shortening simple equipment and to take a possible benefit to the minimum. 

Groups of repair parts for the containers

Components and repair parts for containers or other building on the basis of the marine ISO containers have necessary certificates. Awaiting-parts are divided by three groups:

  • component bearing elements are framework of container (beams, fitting);
  • furnіturе for a door construction (loops, seals, plug-forming devices); 
  • folias (lateral wall, roofs). 

Why is it needed to buy for us? 

Direction of activity of our company is a sale, lease of containers for transportation, and also delivery of good to the customer or leaseholder. Transporting of capacity is possible in any point of Ukraine in the set time is maybe due to possibilities of our logistic. Such set of services allowed to our company to become a leader in this sphere at the Ukrainian market.

To pay a container or his lease, both new and/at, it is possible:

  • in cash in Odesa here our office;
  • by a non-cash settlement on the clearing account of the company;
  • by online-payment by a bank map or to take advantage of appendix of Privat24.

Transporting comes true stage-by-stage:

  • the special transported container is given on the object of the customer;
  • a construction is delivered pithily, from where her dispatch will come true;
  • permanent watching the location of good, while it will not arrive pithily setting;
  • a reception of container is in the place of unloading;
  • delivery to the client.

All details can be known by phone for our employees - specially to arrive there is not a necessity to us. 

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