Delivery of containers is in Ukraine

A company "Container Trade" not only sells or gives load-transfer capacities in a lease but also carries out delivery of containers to the customer. Transporting of metalpacks is executed in any point of country and exactly in time, because we possess wide logistic possibilities. Due to such the set of services our company occupies leading positions at the Ukrainian market.

Types of transportation of containers

There are three basic types of containertraffics. Our company is able to organize each of them. Therefore clients always get load-transfer capacities exactly in the specified term. So, for us it is possible to buy a container with delivery by a next transport:

  1. By the railway, being popular type of transportation of the special metallic capacity. Such method of transporting of container allows him to deliver in any point countries and even abroad. Consists complication of such type of transportation in that it is necessary to pick up a suitable route. Our specialists get along always perfectly at it, because possess large experience and necessary knowledge in logistic. That on a railway it is possible to deliver any container behaves to advantages of this type of transportation.
  2. By the marine, being the most inexpensive and simple method of transportation of the special freight capacities. This type of transport is used for delivery mainly 20 and 40-one-foot containers. Certainly, ships do not possess high speed. In spite of it, delivery of marine containers uses enormous popularity, because this variant of transporting differs in high reliability and possibility to economize facilities.
  3. Motor-car, being most widespread. Due to such transport containers are delivered to the customers absolutely in all points of country. This method of transportation of the special capacities is an universal and economical variant. Presently for delivery of containers with a megascopic height platform motor-car trailers are used low.

Directly on container grounds companies "Container Trade" are used for moving of metallic capacities the special unloaders and faucets. Frontal loaders and other facilities are also used.

Stages of containertraffics

Transportation of containers always comes true in a few stages, each of that carefully gets organized by the specialists of Container Trade:

  1. Serve of the special transported capacity on the enterprise of client.
  2. Delivery of container on a railway platform or port, from where her dispatch comes true.
  3. Permanent watching of location of container on the way of his following.
  4. A reception of metallic capacity is in the point of setting.
  5. Delivery of container directly to the client by means of motor transport.

All information on delivery of containers it is always possible to get companies for specialists. More comfortable to do it through a telephone. The managers of "Container Trade" are always ready to answer all your questions.

Manners of payment

you can pay a container by any comfortable for you method:

  1. in cash in our office
  2. by a cashless transfer into a clearing account
  3. to pay on-line, I use visa, master card or privat24

    Return of commodity

    Abandonment from a container and return come true during 14 days due to a customer.
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