1.1. Real offer, is official suggestion ТМ «Container of Trade», further on text – «Salesman», to conclude a Treaty of purchase-sale of commodities the controlled from distance method, id est through an online shop, further on text – «Agreement» and places the Public offer (suggestion) on the official web-site of Salesman https://container - (further - «Online shop»).

1.2. By the moment of complete and absolute acceptance by Customer of suggestion of Salesman (by an acceptance) to conclude an electronic treaty of purchase-sale of commodities, the fact of payment Customer of order is considered on the terms of this Agreement, in terms and on the prices indicated on the Web-site of Salesman.

Concepts and determinations

2.1. In the real offer, if a context does not require another, the stated below terms have next values:

* «commodity» –  models of clothing, accessories and accompanying objects;

* «Online shop» – under the Law of Ukraine about electronic commerce means for presentation or realization of commodity, work or service by the settlement of an electronic transaction.

* «Salesman» – it is a company, realizing the commodities presented on a Web-site.

* «Customer»  – it is a physical person, concluding with Salesman a Treaty on the terms, the stated below.

* «Order» – it is a choice of separate positions from the bill of the goods indicated by Customer at processing order and realization of payment.

Subject of Agreement

3.1. A salesman is obligated to pass Commodity in property of Customer, and Customer is obligated to pay and accept Commodity on the terms of this Agreement.

This Agreement regulates the purchase-sale of commodities in an online shop, including:

- a voluntarily choice by Customer of commodities in an online shop;

- independent registration by Customer of order in an online shop;

- payment Customer of the order executed in an online shop;

- treatment and delivery of order to Customer in property on the terms of this Agreement.

Order of processing order

4.1. A customer has a right to process order on any commodity presented on the Web-site of online shop and available.

4.2. Every position can be presented in an order in any amount.

4.3. In default of commodity on storage, Manager of the company is under an obligation to notify Customer.

4.4. In default of commodity Customer is right to replace him the commodity of analogical model, to give up this commodity, rescind an order.

4.5 If Salesman needs additional information he is right to inquire her for a customer. In case of not grant of necessary information Customer, Salesman does not carry responsibility for the grant of quality service to Customer at the purchase of commodities in an online shop.

4.6 Acceptance by Customer of condition of the real offer comes true by means of bringing by Customer of corresponding data in a registration form on the web-site of online shop or at processing order through Operator. After processing order through Operator data about Customer register oneself in the database of Salesman.

Order of payment of order

By a cash on delivery

5.1. Payment comes true in fact of receipt of commodity in a separation transport to the company for a spot cash in hryvnias.

5.2. At the not receipt of monetary resources an online shop is reserved by a right to rescind an order.

Terms of delivery of order

6.1. Delivery of the commodities purchased in an online shop comes true to storage of transport companies, where and delivery of orders is produced.

6.2. Together with an order to Customer documents are given in obedience to the legislation of Ukraine.

Right and duties parties:

7.1. A salesman has a right:

- in the one-sided order to stop providing of services by this agreement in case of violation by Customer of conditions of this agreement.

7.2. A customer is under an obligation :

- in good time to pay and secure an order on the terms of this agreement.

7.3. A customer has a right:

- to process order in an online shop;

- to design an electronic agreement;

- to require execution of conditions of this Agreement from Salesman.

Responsibility of parties

8.1. Parties bear responsibility for non-fulfillment or unproper implementation of conditions of this agreement in the order envisaged by this agreement and current legislation of Ukraine.

8.2. A salesman does not carry responsibility after:

it is the original appearance of Commodity changed by a producer;

- for insignificant disparity of color gamut of commodity, that can differ from the original of commodity exceptionally from the different color transmission of monitors of the personal computers of separate models;

- for maintenance and veracity of the information given by Customer at processing order;

- for the delay and interruptions in the grant of Services (treatments of order and to delivery of commodity), that take place on reasons being out of the sphere of his control;

- for the illegal actions carried out by Customer by means of this access to the network the Internet;

- for a transmission by Customer of the network identifiers - IP, MAC- of address, login and password to the third persons;

8.3. A customer, using the access given to him to the network the Internet, independently bears responsibility for the harm, caused by his actions (personally, even if under his login there was other person) to the persons or their property, legal entities, state or moral principles of morality.

8.4. In case of offensive of acts of God, parties rid of implementation of terms of it to the agreement. Under the acts of God for the aims of this agreement events having emergency, unforeseen character are understood, that eliminate or objectively interfere with execution of this agreement, the offensive of that Parties could not foresee and prevent reasonable methods.

8.5. Parties put a maximum of efforts for the decision of any disagreements exceptionally by negotiations.

Other terms

9.1. An online shop is reserved by a right in the one-sided order to make alteration in this agreement on condition of preliminary publication him on the web-site https://container -

9.2. An online shop is created for organization of the controlled from distance method of sale of commodities over the Internet.

9.3. A customer bears responsibility for authenticity of the information indicated at the processing order. Thus, during realization of acceptance (processing order and subsequent payment of commodity) Customer gives to Salesman the unreserved consent to collection, treatment, storage, use of the personal data, in understanding storage DEVICE «About the protection of the personal data.

9.4. Payment Customer processed order in an online shop means the complete consent of Customer with the conditions of the agreement of purchase-sale (public offer)

9.5. The actual date of electronic agreement between parties is a date of acceptance of terms, in accordance with an item 11 Law of Ukraine "About electronic commerce"

9.6. Use of resource of online shop for the preview of commodity, and also for processing order for Customer I am free of charge.

9.7. Information given by Customer is confidential. An online shop uses information about Customer exceptionally for treatment of order, sending of notifications to Customer, deliveries of commodity, realization of mutual settlements and other

Order of return of commodity of the proper quality

10.1. The return of commodity in an online shop is produced in obedience to the current legislation of Ukraine.

10.2. The return of commodity in an online shop is produced due to Customer.

10.3. At a return by Customer of commodity of the proper quality, an online shop returns to him the money sum paid for a commodity in fact of return of commodity instead of indemnification of charges of online shop related to delivery of commodity to Customer.

Term of action of agreement

11.1. An electronic agreement is considered the person celled from the moment of receipt directing suggestion to conclude such treaty, answer about the acceptance of this suggestion in the order certain part of the sixth article 11 Law of Ukraine "On electronic commerce".

11.2. Before completion of term of action this Treaty can be undone an on a mutual astipulation to the moment of actual dispatch of commodity, by the return of monetary resources

11.3. Parties have a right to undo a real treaty in the one-sided order, in case of non-fulfillment of one of parties of conditions of this Agreement and in cases envisaged by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Cost of commodity

12.1 Price on every position of Commodity is indicated on the web-site of online shop

12.2 Salesman has a right in the one-sided order to change a price on any position of Commodity.

12.3 In case of change of price on the booked Commodity Salesman is obligated to inform Customer about change costs of Commodity.

12.4 Customer is right to confirm or rescind Order on acquisition of Commodity, if a price is changed by Salesman after processing order

12.5 Change on the commodity prepaid by Customer shut out Salesman of price.

12.6 Salesman specifies the cost of delivery of Commodity on the web-site of online shop, or reports to Customer at processing order by Operator.

12.7 Obligations of Customer under payment of commodity are considered carried out from the moment of receipt to Salesman of monetary resources

12.8 Calculations between Salesman and Customer for a commodity produced by methods, indicated on a web-site Internet- shop in a division "Payment"

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