PRICE On used and new containers

Modern international transportation is impossible without the use of water transport, which is very low-consuming and quite fast. In Ukraine, many companies or private entrepreneurs are wondering about what the purchase price and the lease b / in marine containers. After all, the price is one of the most important items when purchased.

In this section of our site provided a price list, which can be found with the average prices for new and used containers of all kinds available. Information is updated manually by our managers. Because of this, you may experience slight inaccuracies in the current price in the price list, so please contact us by phone, that would clarify this information. The price of goods container can vary greatly, depending on its condition.

In Odessa, not so many companies selling container, and we are the clear leaders in this market. For a long time, we only offer the best products at the lowest prices. And we try to keep this policy for ensuring your interests.

Please, with the appearance of any question about the price of shipping containers, please contact our managers. We are always happy to help you.


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