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Container specifications

City Odessa
Count pallets 11
Country Ukraine
Type 20DC
Cargo capacity 33-33,2
External dimensions
Height 2591
Length 6058
Width 2438
Inner dimensions
Height 2381
Length 5905
Width 2350
Height 2291
Width 2336
Max Brutto 24000-30480
Max Load 21630-28335
Tara 2145-2370
Condition USED (2 Category)

Product description

Among the sea containers available today for storing cargo ship is the most popular container 20, which you can find in our catalog.

This container is ideally suited to replace a small warehouse in which to store manufactured goods. Proposed your attention the container 20 is perfect in all aspects.

It is made of heavy-duty, thick metal layer which is more protective coatings. This makes the container wall reliable and durable. He is not afraid of bad weather and can withstand any natural element.

In a container of 20 feet we set the price very reasonable. And it you will certainly be pleased. This affordable prices in no way affects the quality of the product, which is at a high level.

If you are interested in this container, you can contact our consultants who will answer any of your questions. Our company can carry out the delivery of the container, as well as take over the service.

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20DC Shipping containers 20 feet
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20DC Shipping containers 20 feet
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