Container specifications

City Odessa
Count pallets 10
Country Ukraine
Type 20RF
Cargo capacity 28
External dimensions
Height 2591
Length 6058
Width 2438
Inner dimensions
Height 2269
Length 5513
Width 2286
Height 2260
Width 2237
Max Brutto 25000
Max Load 21950
Tara 3050
Condition USED (2 Category)

Product description

A large number of types of business activities require the storage of perishable goods, or goods requiring low storage temperatures. Nowadays, the acquisition of a container, namely a refrigerated container 20, which successfully manages the storage of such cargo, is a viable option for solving this problem.

This kind of container is very popular in our company. The container refrigerator from the usual container is characterized by the ability to maintain inside a predetermined storage temperature. The minimum temperature is -30 degrees Celsius.

Refrigerated container 20 is an excellent alternative to the warehouse, which will solve once and for all the problem with the storage of goods. The service life of the container is about 10 years, so you can use the container for a long period without replacement and repair.

For more information about the container refrigerator, please contact our manager.

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