Container specifications

City Kyiv
Count pallets 27
Country Ukraine
Type 40HC
Cargo capacity 75,6-76,5
External dimensions
Height 2896
Length 12192
Width 2438
Inner dimensions
Height 2693
Length 12039
Width 2350
Height 2597
Width 2336
Max Brutto 28800-30480
Max Load 26280-28650
Tara 3740-4200
Condition USED (2 Category)

Product description

You need a spacious and roomy warehouse but the amount of money necessary for the construction or rental seems completely unprofitable? Our company can offer you a profitable solution!

An excellent and reliable container 40, which is widely popular among entrepreneurs today, can become an excellent alternative to a warehouse. No wonder. Container 40 has all the necessary characteristics that allow you to fully replace the warehouse saving a significant amount.

It is worth starting with the fact that the container has excellent reliability indicators. Thanks to heavy-duty metal from which the container is made, the service life will pleasantly please the owner.

Of course, an equally important advantage can be considered the large dimensions of the container 40. The volume of 70 cubic meters will hold all the goods necessary for storage.

The cost of such a container is completely loyal. The price list of our site is worth a look, and you will see for yourself that the price for a 40-foot container is very pleasant.

If you have any questions or desire to purchase this container, contact our consultant - they will help you.

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40HC Shipping containers 40 feet high cube
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