Container specifications

City Odessa
Count pallets 27
Country Ukraine
Type 45HC
Cargo capacity 82,5
External dimensions
Height 2896
Length 13716
Width 2438
Inner dimensions
Height 2693
Length 12039
Width 2350
Height 2597
Width 2432
Max Brutto 30480-35000
Max Load 29820
Tara 4200-4400
Condition USED (1 Category)

Product description

Compared to standard 40ft containers 2.9m high:

Length: + 13%

Inner Width: + 3%

Useful volume: + 18%

The number of accommodated Europallets: + 8pcs.

The width of this type of Pallet Wide container allows you to place 2 Euro pallets in width inside!

There was a need to purchase a spacious warehouse, but do not want to spend a significant amount on rent or construction? Our company can offer a profitable solution!

Reliable and overall container 45 NS, which is widely known among modern businessmen, this is what may be a more convenient alternative for you. Container 45 NS is a number of advantages that allow it to fully replace a warehouse.

Among the most important characteristics it is worth highlighting the excellent level of reliability that this container provides. The high-quality metal from which the container is made guarantees a long service life.

Not unimportant advantage is the spaciousness, larger dimensions that the 45 NS container has. Space close to 70 cubic meters will allow you to store a wide variety of goods.

And the decisive factor of this alternative to the warehouse is a much better price. You can personally verify this by viewing the price list on our website. For a 45 HC ft container, the price is very loyal.

For any questions, as well as if you decide to purchase a container, please contact our consultant, we will answer your call!

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