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Cost**:  -
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Delivery is carried out within & nbsp; 1-4x business days from the receipt of money in our bank account.
*Express delivery is carried out within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of money in our account. 

**One machine transports one 20-foot or 40-foot container (shipping costs remain unchanged)
The cost of transporting two 20-foot containers is 25% higher.

***Due to the fluctuation of the national currency, please contact us for the exact price.

In Marine containers it is a universal container that befits for transporting of any loads. But a price on service of delivery can differ taking into account the point of departure and point of receipt of equipment. On the web-site of company Container - trade is on-line-calculator allowing exactly to expect the exact cost of transporting.

Calculation of transportation of marine containers

By means of online-calculator it is possible to expect of container, and also time between ports of Ukraine and even ports of other countries. For this purpose it is needed to enter the fields of program online-form the city of sending and city of setting and to call on the button “To calculate”.

One car can transport one container 20 or 40 feet. The cost of delivery does not change thus. In the case when it is necessary to transport two 20-ти pound capacities, then a cost will be megascopic on 25%.

But from instability of course an eventual number can change, therefore for the receipt of more detailed information it is better to contact with the representatives of company Container - trade.

In the final cost of delivery of containers such services are included:

  • processing of documents;
  • unloading of container on storage of temporal storage;
  • free warehousing to two weeks;
  • terminal treatment;
  • moving equipment on a dispatch-station on a railway;
  • loading railway platform;
  • transporting;
  • unloading at the station of setting;
  • if a sender needs an autoexport, then the bill of lading and car get ready loaded;
  • delivery of capacity to the recipient;
  • return of empty container;
  • preparation of closing documents, confirmation of a rate with VAT or without a tax, that depends on that, on whose contract transportation;
  • calculation of distance on that it is needed to transport a container;
  • processing of documents for passing of load through the borders of a country;
  • monitoring after a load during all route of the following;
  • feature of the transported commodity.

Except it, a cost depends on weight of load, his volume.

Advantages of work with us

Our company is specialized not only on realization or handing over in the lease of containers, and on container transportation. We cooperate with any enterprises that can order transporting or storage of the load for us. To the order all are accessible types and sizes of containers.

Delivery comes true from 1 to 4 working days from the moment of receipt by us payments for service. Express-delivery is possible - a commodity will be in the point of setting during twenty-four hours from the moment of receipt of payment.

Besides it, we form the cost of delivery taking into account only those services that were really rendered - marks-up and hidden intermediary services are not present.

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