How to keep sea containers in working order?

When transporting sea containers, regardless of the method of transportation, they have a different impact. It can be mechanical during loading and unloading, temperature (high and low temperatures), exposure to sunlight and precipitation. Constant exposure reduces both the performance and the aesthetic parameters of the metal modules. To maintain the appearance of the equipment and the technological condition, it is necessary to carry out systematic maintenance and repair of containers.

Scope of maintenance and repair of sea containers

When equipment is installed in sea containers to ensure the required temperature (heating or cooling), maintenance is carried out every month. Additionally, the equipment is checked during the repair of the container.

The main activities during maintenance consist of the following stages:

  1. Inspection of the outer casing of the container for the presence of mechanical damage is;
  2. The locking mechanisms are checked;
  3. Fasteners are checked;
  4. If refrigeration or heating equipment is available, electrical assemblies, circuits and sensors are checked.

When carrying out repair work, the customer can make requirements for the installation of additional elements or assemblies that meet the established requirements and standards.

Repair work for dry cargo sea containers

If mechanical damage is found on the body of sea containers, it is necessary to carry out repair work. The container may need to be repaired if it detects corrosion foci, breakage of locking equipment or other mechanical damage that may affect the condition of the cargo being transported.

Repair work consists of:

  1. Restoration of the container metal sheet. If necessary, a separate section or the entire wall is replaced. If corrosion is detected, the treated surface is cleaned and further painted. At the request of the customer, painting is carried out in corporate colors;
  2. If necessary, the operability of the locking mechanisms is restored;
  3. Upon detection of breakdowns or non-compliance with the requirements of fasteners or other assemblies, they are replaced;
  4. Insulation system and electrical equipment (sensors, relays, contacts) are checked in the refrigerated container. If necessary, oil and coolant are topped up;

When carrying out repair work, the container can be modernized, doors replaced or an additional door installed, equipped with the necessary additional units and elements. Installation of additional nodes and elements is carried out in agreement with the owner of the container.

Maintenance and repair of tank containers

Tank containers are used to transport liquids and gases with varying degrees of aggressiveness. When carrying out maintenance, the tank must undergo a complete cleaning of the inner surface to remove the remains of the transported goods. To assess the technical condition of the tank container, special equipment is used. The inspection evaluates the condition of the welds and also checks the thickness of the metal sheet.

When carrying out maintenance and repair of tark containers, the following work is performed:

  1. The thermal system is checked. If a discrepancy with the required parameters is detected, the tightness is restored;
  2. Inspection and testing of valves is carried out. If necessary, replacement or repair is carried out with further adjustment of the fittings;
  3. Seals in fittings and manhole are checked. If a leak is found, a replacement is carried out;
  4. The outer surface of the container is cleaned from loose layers. After processing, the cleaned surface is primed and covered with paint of the required color.

At the request of the customer, other repairs can be included in the list of repairs being carried out.

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