How to choose a used sea container 20 or 40 feet

The sea freight container is a unique transport unit with universal technical characteristics. Durable and reliable steel equipment is designed for multiple lifts using special mechanisms. Supposed to overload by weight, which is taken into account when designing containers, i.e. in advance a safety margin is put into the construction. Container packaging is used for a long time, taking into account the factors of mechanical influence and negative influence of the environment.

Capacities that are written off from transport and marine life can serve for a long time as ground equipment - huts, vestibules, warehouses, sheds, mini-pavilions. To buy a sea container means to acquire a good highly liquid commodity that will last for a long time.

If you still decided to acquire intermodal equipment, what should I look for when buying it.

It is initially necessary with extreme care to view the geometry of the design. The container must be symmetrically flat, along the sides not to have in-between, holes and significant visual defects. In the places of dents paint disappears, because here it is possible to form corrosion of metal.

The roof must also not contain depressions and notches. These places will become parts of the accumulation of water in the future with precipitation, which in time will inevitably lead to rotting of the roof.

On the perimeter of the door are laid sealing gums for hermetic closure of the opening of the structure. The seal should be unbreakable, without ruptures, and the door must fit snugly against the doorway.

Next, evaluate the floor of the container for defects and tightness of the container itself. The floor can be visually visually inspected for the presence of the same potholes, cracks and visible irregularities. The impermeability of the container can be estimated by tightly closing inside the structure. The container is impassable darkness - the product is absolutely hermetic. The container receives sunlight - the container is damaged.

Another thing to pay attention to is the exterior painting of the container. It is desirable to purchase designs in factory paint. Buying a beautiful, well-groomed, freshly colored product, you risk buying a container with a completely rotten frame under a colored color. And you will soon learn about this (less than a year). In addition, often sellers, deciding to refresh the appearance of the product and giving a framework of presentability, paint over and all the information about the construction, located on its walls: number, mass, index, overall dimensions, etc.

On the doors there is no less informative plaque with the necessary characteristics, including the year of manufacture of the product. It is worth noting that in some cases the best option will be a 30-year capacity produced in the Union, rather than a brand new container made in China.

Transportation of goods by container is very popular around the world. This metal equipment has a long service life, is convenient in maintenance and transportation, economical and practical.

When using the container, you must follow the requirements to avoid injury.

  • A securely fixed cargo inside the container is not only a guarantee of its successful arrival at the destination. When a loaded container is placed on a car trailer, it is recommended that the driver and loaders move a considerable distance from the loading point.
  • In the process of transportation, people can not be inside the structure to avoid injuries.
  • During the operation of the container, the safety rules must be strictly observed. For example, a refrigeration unit refrigeration unit can only be connected to specialists of the appropriate qualification. If you use special devices to grab cargo, it is advisable to first familiarize yourself with the technical map of the equipment.
  • Strictly not allowed to unfold the structure manually. For these purposes, use poles and braces containing rubber elements.
  • When stacking containers in stacks, one should follow a simple rule - from each subsequent row the number of blocks should be less by one unit. This uncomplicated method will reduce the load on the lower container level, and also allow workers to move along the original iron ledges.

Sale of containers (new and formerly in short-term use), rent of sea containers, rent of refrigerators - are by far the most popular services in the market of not only Ukrainian transport logistics, but in the whole modern world.

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Of course, the purchase of a sea container in some cases is simply necessary. But what if you just decided to transport a certain type of product under which such a container is needed? In this case, also Container-Trade with a service of container container loan will come to the rescue. At the same time, transportation costs are reduced, time and money for equipment maintenance is saved.

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