Best ways to prevent cargo damage

Adequate packaging

Using the correct and suitable packaging can keep all items inside the shipping container. Packaging depends on the delicacy of the goods. In addition to packing the goods, the free space must be properly filled with a suitable gasket, bubble wrap, etc. The packaging material must be of good quality, waterproof and anti-condensation.

Using the right pallets

Use good quality pallets of the correct size as they prevent the load from falling or shifting. Heavier loads are best secured with stronger straps.

Use the correct marking of cargo

Correct labels will help to avoid mishandling of goods. The marking indicates how much weight cargo can support. They also show if the cargo is fragile or dangerous. The affixed label must be clear, visible, recognizable and without any damage.

Practicing Proper Loading

You must keep a heavy load down for proper weight distribution. Keep all paperwork intact, avoid double stacking, use proper cushions and pads to fill space and provide adequate protection for cargo.

Condensation Prevention

You should check from time to time that the container has proper ventilation holes. Use a refrigerated container or an insulated perishable container. Special containers protect the cargo from damage. The use of proper ventilation and dehumidifiers can prevent damage of the cargo.

Choosing the right container type and size

You should not forget about choosing the right shipping container. Depending on the quantity, you may need a 40ft shipping container or a smaller container. Also, it would be helpful if you had insulated containers or refrigerators for fresh or frozen food. To store liquids and gaseous items, you can purchase tank containers.

Use of fastening rings and straps

The use of a sufficient number of fastening rings and straps saves the load from slipping and shifting.

Avoid container overfill

Never overfill a freight container and always select the correct transport unit. When reloading goods, they collide with each other or with the inside of the container during movement and damage. This is especially important for fragile items, antiques, or perishable items.

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