Side loading sea containers

Sea containers with the possibility of side loading or Open Side are classified as special reusable containers. Their feature is the presence of additional gates on the side wall for loading and unloading operations. The dimensions of such 20-foot containers are standard - 6058x2439x2592mm. The loading capacity of the module is 24 thousand tons, the maximum capacity is within 33-33.5 cubic meters, and the size of the side doorway 6000x2300mm provides the possibility of convenient loading and unloading.

The use of containers with side loading is advisable in several cases:

  • when organizing the transportation of various equipment with non-standard dimensions;
  • when carrying out loading and unloading operations without removing the container from the car or railway platform;
  • when using containers for arranging temporary aids for commercial, warehouse or household purposes.

When the side doors are closed, this container does not differ in its functionality and capabilities from a standard sea container. At the same time, the opening / closing mechanisms of the flaps must be periodically maintained to ensure ease and simplicity of opening for a long time.

Taking into account the standard methods of handling Open Side containers with cargo handling equipment, the rates for handling modules on the territory of container terminals are standard.

When organizing the carriage of goods, sealing is provided for both the main doors located in the end wall and the side gates. Technically, this procedure is not difficult. The internal volume allows the placement of goods in several tiers or by combining stowage methods depending on existing needs. Due to the presence of seals on the gates and doors, a high level of tightness of the interior space is ensured, its reliable protection against moisture and dust penetration.

Today, sea large-capacity containers of 20 and 40 feet in size are widely used not only in sea transport, but also in the organization of rail transportation. They allow, due to the presence of side gates, to carry out loading and unloading operations without the need to remove the module from the platform, speeding up and simplifying the process.

There are containers in which openable doors are provided on both sides at once, which makes loading processes even more convenient. Due to the considerable width of the openings, it is possible to use both manipulators and truck cranes when performing work.

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