What to look for when buying a sea container


First of all, attention should be paid to the geometry of the container. It should be symmetrically flat, it should not contain significant deformations and dents. The container doors must be tightly closed, and the gums that prevent moisture penetration should not be damaged.

Inner space

Assess the tightness of the container can be by going inside and closing the door. In general, the container that holds the seal should be dark. Check that the floor of the container is flat and not rotten.


Preferences should be given to containers in the factory paint. Usually on the walls of such a container there are indices, numbers, weight, dimensional information, logos of the carrier's company. It is worth to be afraid of repainted containers, not in factory paint. On the used market, containers are often painted with high-quality expensive paint. Also, it is never known in what state is the material of the container itself, hidden beneath a layer of paint. On sale you can find very neat and evenly colored containers, but almost completely rotten. Sorry about this purchase you will be less than a year.

                   container in the factory paint                                                                            repainted  container                                                          

Year of made

On the doors of the container there is usually a sign, where, in addition to other information, there is a year of its release. It can indirectly determine the state of the container, the "fatigue" of the metal. Even if the container, which is 20-30 years old, is in a satisfactory condition, its cost at sale is lower than that of a more fresh container in a similar condition.

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