General information about reefer containers (reefer containers)

Principle of action of refrigerator containers (refcontainers)

Maintenance of the set temperature in refcontainer takes place due to a force continuous circulation of air. Due to the difficult trajectory of blasts into a container a necessary temperature condition and stable humidity of load are supported, in independence from his location. The walls of container contain a few layers, the device of doors provides maximal impermeability that in a sum gives the effect of thermos - reliable heat-insulation, reducing electro-expenses. There are also multitemperature aggregates feature of that in possibility of maintenance of different temperature in the different compartments of container.

Construction of refcontainer

A refrigerator container (рефконтейнер) consists of two basic construction blocks: corps and refrigerator aggregate. The corps of container consists of bearing framework and polyurethane sandwich panels with external coverage from a duralumin sheet and internal coverage from the profiled sheet food stainless steel (thickness a 0,6 mm). Paul container made from the T-shaped aluminum profile with the durability counted on application at treatment of commodity of ordinary ware-house loader.

Refrigerator aggregate

A refrigerator aggregate supports the required internal temperature of container automatically, and is in the butt-end of corps. The power supply of ref unit comes true from a 3-phase electric network (380В/50Гц). A watts-in depends on a season and set temperature condition (from 4 to 6 kW).

Electronic CU allows setting and support in the automatic mode a temperature, humidity of air; to set periodicity of cycle of defrost; to control work of basic aggregates and fix their disrepair or failure in-process.

The refrigerator aggregates of containers in our time mainly work with the use of refrigerants (freons) of  «R-409а» and «R-134А».

In size refrigerator containers are next kinds: 20-one-foot containers, 40-one-foot containers, oversized containers of enhanceable cubic capacity (HiCube).

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