Main stages of maintenance and repair of sea containers

As transportation of loads on aquariums transport marine containers play the role of. But as a result of the protracted exploitation at loading and unloading works the modules are exposed to destruction. Corrosion, overalls of temperature, mechanical loading, influence of fallout, result in defects. Such factors become reasons of accidents. That capacities kept indoors from a line-up, for their safety the timeliness of maintenance is required and repair.

Features of maintenance and repair of marine containers

Regular technical inspection is conducted every 12 months of exploitation, after 1-1,5 year from the moment of start of container in a line-up. Transportation of him in a shipyard and transmission are produced repair service at presence of act in a due form ВУ-25к.

The proprietor of marine container can take advantage of next services:

  • renewal of primordial form;
  • repair of framework of container;
  • increase of impermeability of capacity after temperature overalls;
  • cleaning of the module from corrosion;
  • improvement of quality of additional elements (pens, locks, etc.);
  • renewal of insulation at the decline of his indexes;
  • repair of the refrigerator setting is in containers-refrigerators.

Events on service are conducted in the specialized workshops. A modern equipment and technical equipment are used. On the set norms during planned repair it is forbidden to bring in structural changes in those. Knots of wares. All applied materials are under an obligation to correspond to the set standards of GOST 7566-81.

That is included in maintenance and repair of marine containers

Maintenance of containers, and also refrigeration-heating aggregates conducted in the pre-arranged order. The timeliness of works is important, therefore it comes true monthly.

On a standard chart such procedures consist of the next stages:

  1. Examination of equipment in the presence of breakages. The surface of the framework is checked up on defects.
  2. Verification of description of all roofing timbers.
  3. Inspection of mechanical knots.
  4. Diagnostics of quality of the refrigerator modules. Refrigeration-heating mechanisms, sensors and electro-chains, inspect.

Preliminary containers pass cleaning. By means of gantry faucets the modules are overloaded from movable transport to the ground for examination and further repair.

Stages of repair of dry-cargo ship marine containers

Repair works for the dry-cargo ship modules are required at establishment of factors of defect of corps. Repair is needed for the increase of exploitation of equipment and providing of safety of loads at transporting.

Repair events are conducted on the next stages:

  1. Visual examination and diagnostics of corps for the purpose of disrepair and defects.
  2. Purging of metallic folios of edging of surface from tracks of blight.
  3. Renewal of integrity of plug-forming mechanisms after breakage of roofing timbers and decline of their functionality.
  4. The elements of isolation, contacts of sensors, compressor, are restored in the modules of refrigerator type. If necessary oil is refilled and refrigerant is refueled.
  5. Painting of corps.

At the query of proprietor simultaneously with repair works modernization of container can be produced. For example, replacement and setting of additional doors, systems of roofing timbers.

Works on maintenance of tank-containers

Tank containers and cisterns is used for loading and unloading works at transportation of chemically-aggressive liquids and gases. Therefore, during realization of maintenance a container is preliminary exposed to washing. Influence of the special facilities destroys dangerous for a personnel fallout.

Further maintenance is conducted stage-by-stage:

  1. Estimation of the state of the module at loading. The method of fault detection is used, the thickness of corps and metallic folios is measured.
  2. Checking of the thermal systems for a disrepair and adjustment of descriptions of her impermeability.
  3. Testing and inspection of plug-forming roofing timbers at the changes of temperature.
  4. Replacement of elements of sealant is in an entrance hatch and mechanical systems.
  5. Cleaning of edging of equipment, prime coating and new painting.

Specialists on diagnostics additionally will consult a proprietor about the necessity of major repairs. And also will work out the suitable variant of repair. Complex measures provide the protracted safety of capacities and minimize the risk of accidents.

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