Rules for loading sea dry cargo containers

A main task of marine containers is safety of the transported loads, their integrity and consumer qualities of products. But even the ideally neat freight module will not guarantee the safe transporting, if he is wrong placed on a ship. Therefore, an important rule for modern logistical the correct loading of capacities becomes in obedience to the worked out chart.

The basic requirements to loading of marine containers

Every logistic company has the detailed instruction, where the rules of loading and placing are prescribed marine containers. Requirements are worked out taking into account the size of container, mass and features of destiny are refrigerators, platforms for transportation of poisonous and dangerous loads, etc. For every kind own terms are pulled out.

In maintenance of standard rules of loading of container on a ship enters next points:

  1. Possible weight of the module is determined in the form of the difference of gross and mass of container. It is settled to exceed this value no more, than on 50 kg for non-admission of overload.
  2. Mass of freight place depends on a carrying capacity. For the medium-tonnage module is a 1 ton at loading 0,5 kgf/sq. sm., for large-capacity is a 1,5 ton with loading on an area in 1 kgf/sq. cm.
  3. At a necessity exceeding maximum of possible parameters, a container takes place on an additional platform a section from a 10х2 cm with the strong fixing. It is forbidden at transportation to move capacities in relation to sex or wall.
  4. At exceeding of norms on mass the modules are situated only in one row (tier). Their damage is possible in another case.

Operating limitations are taken into account, affecting stability of the ship. They are based on literate distribution of gross weight aboard a ship.

Rules of fixing of load are in marine containers

Large attention is spared to placing of commodity into the module. He is disposed so that fully to eliminate the free moving. Content of the module is under an obligation to save complete stability in horizontal position at the transloading of the container by means of faucet transport.

During fixing of load in marine containers adhere to other norms:

  1. Between a commodity and doors of the module it is necessary to abandon a gap.
  2. By means of fixing content is fastened inwardly through wooden frames, persistent bars or shields, mounted in the opening.
  3. It is forbidden to nail fixative bars to the flooring of a container.
  4. Products are different on the kind fastened on separate tiers.
  5. In one half of the container it is settled to place a to 60% commodity.
  6. An easy load is placed strictly over more heavy.
  7. All metallic walls of the loaded container (even if they ideally even and without notches) insulate from the internal surface of capacity gaskets protecting from damages. Bars, cardboard, shields, plywood, sawn-timber, wooden frames, can come forward in their role.

To avoid pressure on the door of compartment, between a load and inmate abandon an interval in 3-5 cm. If gap large - surplus of free space is filled by the improvised materials. After completion of placing of load into capacities, the modules close and lock. A lock is stopped according to the accepted rules.

Requirements to loading of metal packs on ships and platforms

Loading of metallic capacities is produced by means of the specialized transport. The used loaders must have a distance between wheels a to 76 cm, thus a width of wheel is under an obligation to make from 18 cm. to move loads turning over or forbidden dragging.

Docklands at loading follow worked out a plan, ratified by a captain, in maintenance of that specified:

  • amount of the modules (they subdivide on sizes, load and place of port of arrival);
  • special tables and charts, helping to define the general carrying capacity of a container and by a load footprint;
  • norms of placing of containers with their determination in a certain row and place of bar.

Before realization of loading the surface of the metallic modules is purged from dirt, garbage, ice and snow. After cleaning of capacity sprinkle with the skim of sandstone. Only strict accordance helps all set rules to avoid emergency situations at overload. Such measures provide delivery of products and commodities in complete safety of consumer qualities in the port of entry.

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