Manufacturers of reefer containers

The most significant advantage of reefer containers is the ability to adjust and maintain a certain temperature and humidity throughout the delivery of the cargo. The equipment used is completely autonomous, it works at the expense of a diesel generator, with its help it is possible to activate the substances involved in the air circulation process. In addition, with the help of a diesel generator, the required temperature regime can be injected; for this, a condenser, a fan, an evaporator and a compressor are used. These components are the most important, the manufacturer provides a 6 month warranty for these components. What else is remarkable about the manufacturers of these types of containers?


Among the many different companies, several of the most popular manufacturers can be distinguished, they occupy a leading position in the market for the creation of refrigerated containers:

  • Carrier. The company with a long history began to produce its first cooling units back in 1902. Since then, it has been actively developing, demonstrating the most modern developments to the market. The main advantage of this company is the desire to create the most efficient device that will not only perfectly cope with the preservation of perishable food, but also will not harm the environment. For example, it is worth mentioning the new NATURELINE refrigeration units, the models have excellent characteristics of energy efficiency, carbon dioxide is used as a cooling element, it is inert and completely safe for people and the environment. Refrigeration units of the PrimeLine brand are powered by an aerospace fan, evaporator and scroll compressor. Such a combination of technologies allows to achieve high-speed performance in the injection of negative temperatures, and has a positive effect on the energy expended. The PrimeLINE ONE model differs in that it is assembled at the company's factories around the planet. Carrier refrigeration units do not use elements that deplete the planet's ozone layer as coolants. In addition, refrigeration units are equipped with an automatic defrosting function.
  • Thermo King. Having made a choice in favor of this company, you can be sure of the excellent quality of performance and efficiency of the device. The company was founded back in 1938. At the moment it owns 10 factories in 7 countries of the world. Among the most popular models of refrigeration units are: THERMO KING CFII-M19-1-10, manufactured before 1997, which has excellent resistance to electrical disturbances. THERMO KING TNE 508 and THERMO KING CRR 40 MAGNUM are models of units produced as interchangeable ones until 2003. The first model was positioned as the most economical, had excellent characteristics in the stability of maintaining the temperature inside, even at very high temperatures outside the unit. This model is very often used by various travelers going to the tropics. The second line, which was an alternative to the first model, could pump temperatures down to -35 degrees Celsius. Such capabilities were achieved due to unique design solutions that increased the efficiency of the device several times. Thanks to the patented technology, the refrigeration unit could drop the temperature down to -40 degrees Celsius in a very short time. The exclusive model, the super-powerful Super Friizer, can drop the temperature down to -60 degrees Celsius, completely independent of the atmospheric conditions outside.
  • Star Cool. The Danish company has been operating since 1991. The main advantage of the company is an original approach to the design of refrigeration units. The Star Coll units are practical, efficient and very lightweight units.
  • Daikin. The first production model was released in 1997. At that time, the Japanese brand produced installations that were unique in terms of technical characteristics; they had excellent performance indicators for slow and shock freezing.
  • Sabroe Reefer Cool. Models from this company differ in a ring capacitor, this part is famous for its trouble-free operation, even under the most severe operating conditions. The electronic control unit is capable of performing automatic self-diagnostics, correcting errors and indicating mechanical failures.

Purchase of similar products

All of the above advantages of refrigeration units from different companies can be seen only if they are original. That is, they are delivered to the country by a dealer company, directly without intermediaries and various counterfeit routes of departure. Such a company differs in:

  1. Availability and provision on demand of various documents and certificates for devices.
  2. The possibility of transferring consignment notes together with refrigeration units, inspection certificates, as well as references to the state of the equipment used.
  3. Providing guarantees of exchange and return of goods in case of incompatibility with the purpose or manufacturing defects of the product.
  4. The broad capabilities of a particular organization to service its customers, repair equipment and diagnose in the event of product malfunctions due to defects at the factory.
  5. Lots of positive reviews from real buyers.
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