Five Advantages of a Shipping Container Storage Facility

Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing one, utilising new or used shipping containers in a storage facility is a great option and investment into a well proven business model.

We examine five reasons why opening a shipping container storage facility makes business sense, when compared to a traditional storage business.

1. Fast Set Up Time – unlike a regular building construction, which requires significant planning, engineering and regulatory approvals; shipping containers can be delivered on site and are ready for immediate use!

2. Ease Of Expansion – when it comes time to expand your business you can do so easily and quickly, while still using the same footprint! That’s because shipping containers are designed to be stacked. You can double the size of you facility by simply adding a second level of storage containers. Accessing the second level is easy too, but use of a mobile staircase platform or scaffold.

3. Double Door Options – if you purchase new shipping containers for your storage facility we suggest ordering the double door variety. These containers have a set of doors at each end of the container that create a tunnel when opened. The advantage of these units os that a removable divider can be easily installed in the middle, making a 20ft container into two 10ft x 8ft storage spaces, thus making your facility adaptable to your customer’s demands.

4. Durability – shipping containers are made from anti-corrosive Corten steel. They’re designed to last 20 years on the high seas when being exposed to extreme weather conditions while being regularly loaded and unloaded. When utilised in a storage facility situation shipping containers will last much longer.

5. Ease Of Relocation – in the event that you need to relocate your business, shipping containers can be easily picked up and transported to a new location.

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