Container parts

A container intended for transportation by sea, of standard sizes, is represented by a container in which you can transport or store goods. The standard equipment of the tank includes additional devices that open access to the implementation of mechanized installation and unloading from vehicles. Transportation in this way guarantees the safety of the cargo, makes it possible to carry out loading and unloading operations with minimal effort, the same applies to logistics operations. Another advantage is the elimination of the likelihood of hidden financial costs.

What does the shipping container include?

In general, we are talking about a rectangular frame structure, which includes the following components:

  • Load-bearing elements - a cargo platform located in the lower part, and vertical corner posts;
  • Sheathing made of metal, supplemented with a coating that provides protection against corrosion processes. In most cases, a sheet of steel with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm with a zinc layer is used for this;
  • In the end part there is a doorway with a rubber gasket laid along the perimeter. Doors - hinged, installed on awnings with high strength. They contain all the information about the capacity;
  • The flooring can be wood-based materials, supplemented with layers that provide protection against mold and mildew.

Devices for mechanization of loading and unloading operations and operations carried out in warehouses

The standard equipment of the containers includes the following accessories:

  • Devices for slinging. In containers intended for the transportation of heavy loads, they are represented by fittings, in standard modules - by eyelets. The main target of the fittings is to fasten the blocks together or to attach them to the rolling stock;
  • The 20-foot containers feature pockets at the bottom on the sides to provide convenience for forklift operations. In 40 and 45 ft tanks, this task is accomplished by fittings;
  • The 40-foot modules can be supplemented with a tunnel designed for the front of the trailer used for transporting containers with cargo.
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