Main Reasons for Immediate Rust Repair in Shipping Containers

While steel shipping containers are designed for use in both dry and wet conditions, both new and used containers are susceptible to rust and corrosion. Rust can appear on your shipping container due to lack of maintenance, standing water, and/or dents. Once rust has appeared, it is vital that the area be repaired as soon as it is discovered. Leaving rust stains can cause detrimental and costly damage! We have identified 5 reasons to eliminate container rust as soon as it is discovered.

Negatively affects resale value: Visible rust stains will scare off buyers. Even surface rust gives the impression that your container is not structurally sound or safe to store. If you regularly repair surface rust spots, you can get the highest price for your shipping container.

Safety Threats: When rust remains in place, especially on the roof, floor and corners, the structural integrity of the container is compromised. After a long period of time, it becomes unsafe for people to enter the container or store valuables in it.

Expensive to Repair: Non-structural surface rust can be easily removed by sandblasting, primed and repainted. Extensive repairs are needed for deep rust and holes. These will need to be cut out and a new piece of steel welded on to patch up the hole, primed and painted. Prices for this type of repair can typically exceed $1,000.

Damage can spread quickly: A slight surface rust in the bottom corner can quickly erode the floor of a shipping container if not removed quickly and properly repaired. Floors, roofing and doors are very susceptible to rust damage.

Pests and Rodents: Rodents, wild animals and insects are constantly looking for a place to eat, hide and mate. Pests can easily gnaw through heavily rusted steel or climb straight into the container through deep rusty holes. These pests can cause significant damage to your belongings inside and will require a professional pest control company to remove and destroy them.

Rust Prevention in Shipping Containers

Regular inspections of storage containers, especially during the rainy spring season, are the best way to detect small rust spots that can be easily removed without much effort or expense. Also, make sure there is no standing water on the roof or near the foundation, as these are the most susceptible areas for rust to develop.

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