Safety first: how to work with containers correctly

Marine containers are widely used for cargo transportation not only in Ukraine but also in the whole world. They are practical, reliable, lasting, functional and capacious. But most businessmen, deciding to buy containers/at or new, do not know that errors in exploitation even of such practical constructions can lead to reduction of their tenure of employment.

Work with marine containers requires a maximal attentiveness, concentration and responsibility. In an order to avoid the receipt of work accidents during work with container blocks, it is needed to memorize a few simple rules.

Basic rules of work with containers

Rule number 1. Before transporting, it is necessary reliably to fix a load in containers. During setting/removal of marine container on the trailer of truck tractor to the driver of transport vehicle it is urgently recommended stepping back from job with a construction on the protracted distance. Watching the process of work of faucet is possible only by sight. A transport platform at unlinking of a tractor with a trailer must be located horizontally and reliably fixed.

Rule number 2. At transporting of oversized containers it is categorically forbidden people to be into constructions. It will help to avoid different traumas.

Rule number 3. If for the overload of container it is necessary to use a faucet with a variable carrying capacity, it is needed to look after a handshake between a crane-operator and signal-man. Doing it is possible by means of portable radio transmitter or mobile telephone. It will allow without effort to report weight of the overloaded objects, type of load of and other

Rule number 4. Opening the doors of high-usage containers is needed extremely neatly, to shut out the fall of weight. At throwing open of doors a longshoreman must be exceptionally from exteriority.

Rule number 5. During work with containers it is needed strictly to observe all rules of accident prevention. For example, connection of the modules of refrigerator containers only skilled electricians must carry out to the electro-columns. And during work with removable clamp adaptations it is needed preliminary to become familiar with the technical map of the used equipment.

Rule number 6. It is shut out to open out a marine container by hand. For these aims it is needed to use the specialized runners and poles with rubber elements.

Rule number 7. It is needed to remember at stacking of containers, that from the second row an amount of container blocks must be at least one less, to bring down the gravimetric loading on a lowermost tier and create comfortable ledges for dockhands.

Observance of the above-stated requirements, and also the following the rules of accident prevention will allow not only to avoid work accidents but also substantially to prolong the term of exploitation of constructions.

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